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Narcisi S.r.l. The history

Narcisi S.r.l. - History

In the mid-'50s, the company NARCISI enters the building industry working in the steelwork for buildings. The proximity to a company that was selling bitumen and asphalt causes the demand for equipment to work these products become so interesting to start a real production line machinery for waterproofing and asphalting, becoming a point of reference for companies in the sector at national level.

Ten years later, the revolution began with the birth of waterproofing membranes Bituminous primordial level. An Engineer Bologna found the right combination of compounds giving a twist to a product which is still widely used in roofing and foundations around the world. The NARCISI specialized in the production of professional gas torch for the implementation of APP membranes, working closely with this company and with the new born, which, thanks to strong demand in the international market, become real giants in the world of covers, distributing our products all over the world and getting amazing results.

The NARCISI, always in collaboration with industry covers, known in recent years a trend of wholesale and retail building in the pursuit of high-quality research in the yard tools, thus avoiding unnecessary risks to the user improving the safety conditions job.

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