Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rubber hose according to iso en 3821 have an expiration date?

No, the rubber hose does not expire, the date shown on the hose is the one of production.

How do I know that the hose has to be changed?

It is always important to supervision the status of the external rubber, and intervene in case of cuts or cracks; it is recommended to replace the hose after 3 years of frequent employment, or after 5 years of sporadic use.

Why there also is an expiration date on my hose?

The rubber hose in question is adequate for domestic use ONLY, not for industrial one.

No back-fire valves are indispensables?

No, they are not. On the ambient air intake torches ISO EN 9012 used to warm and to seal the bituminous membranes, the mix of the fuel (gas) and the comburant (ambient air) takes place at the outside of the device: even if the flame should try to go back up to the inside of the torch, it would turn off because of comburent shortage. These valves are mandatory only for torches for autogenous welding.

Do you recommend the use of the safety valve for excess of flow?

Absolutely yes, we do. It is extremely efficient in preventing workplace accidents. For example, if there is a burn or a break on the hose, the safety valve intervenes as a lifesaver, interrupting upstream the gas flow. Moreover, the safety valve is always requested in case of control by the authority for the supervisions of the construction yards.

Where can I purchase your burner and its spare parts (even if I am a private)?

Our products are for sale in the most specialized retails all over the world, please contact us to find the most suitable solution for you.

Where can I find instructions to use your equipment?

At the inside of each box it is always available the manual related to the product that you purchased.
Otherwise, you can also download it on the product’s page, at the bottom right.

Which are the advantages of the swivel connection for the rubber hose?

The swivel connection allows the end-user to work in a more practical way, preventing the rubber hose from twisting on itself. Also, this ensures a longer durability to the hose and a littler effort for the forearm of the user.

When I use the lever, I feel it arduous. What am I wrong?

Our lever is designed to be used with the minimum of the force, just by using one or two finger on the
extremity of the such.