Our history

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In the middle of the ‘50s, the company Narcisi enters the construction sector in the metalwork field for buildings.
The closeness with a company selling bitumen products and asphalts raises the request of tooling to work such mentioned products at a so interesting level to have Narcisi starting a complete production line for waterproofing and asphalting purposes, becoming a real reference point for construction companies at national level.

After ten years, the big revolution in waterproofing took place through the application of the first bitumen membranes. An engineer from Bologna found the right mix of rubber compounds representing the mile-stone of a product that currently is still widely used in roofing and foundation whole over the world.

Narcisi got then specialized in the production of professional gas torches for the application of APP membranes, strictly collaborating with both existing and new manufacturing companies of such product.

Thanks to the very strong request coming from the international markets, such companies grown up
as real giants, thus distributing also our products worldwide, obtaining amazing results.

Always in synergy with the roofing industry, Narcisi noticed especially in the last years a more and more growing tendency of building sector distributors and resellers towards quality research in construction tooling, so to avoid useless risks for the final users thus improving their work safety conditions.

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